Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Lowdown on LEDs

Archpaper has a great article about recent uses of LED lighting for architectual applications, including the Seoul's Galleria West mall (covered a few months ago in Metropolis I believe) and the new Tokyo headquarters of Chanel. It appears the interactive and customizable opportunities that LED infused exteriors and skins offer is gaining momentum among architects.

While the result in the case of Galleria West is somewhat too neon and Times Square-ish for my taste, the possibilities with this technology is interesting. The Chanel building uses the lights to transfrom the facade of windows from their day time transparency to a night glow that can even cast a pattern across the entire face of the building. I definitely think the technology will be most effective when used with subtelty and in tandem with the existing architectual features of a building.

Prade's old friend Bruce Mau is also discussed for his contribution to the latest plans for the new Jets stadium in Manhattan which will feature a glass skin that will be illuminated in different ways to adapt to the time and circumstance of the event taking place in the stadium.

The feature also has a piece on the MFA in lighting program at Parsons - part of interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to design that makes the school so appealing to me.

Photo from Architect's Newspaper, courtesy of Arup Lighting

Via We-Make-Money-Not-Art.

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