Thursday, March 10, 2005

MC Bruce Mau

Saw Josh Spear's post about Massive Change, and thought I'd post some quick thoughts and other coverage I've found of Bruce Mau's latest "project," which is more like a Pay-It-Forward cultural movement than just a book or an art exhibit.

The project is BEYOND ambitious. It includes a book, a major touring exhibition, a radio show, a lecture series, posters, and a website - all seeking to answer questions about the capacity, power, and promise of design. Massive Change hopes to explore the possibilities of what we can acheive in the world across all industries and mediums with our new ability to plan and produce desired outcomes - our ability to "design." It involves asking questions and pursuing solutions based on the assumption that anything is now possible.

Massive Change is a collaboration between
Bruce Mau Design and the Institute Without Boundaries, a department of the George Brown-Toronto City College that Mau helped found. You can hear a great interview with Bruce Mau on agglutinations (with flash graphics).

Despite the somewhat irritating way he says "project," a lot of what he's talking about is inspiring - the idea of encouraging activism to foster the possibilities of design in the world. I was interested in his defense of the benefits of some large corporations - it seems strange coming from a "progressive" artist, but I guess understandable considering Mau's need to market his work and his belief in the power of corporations to foster evolution and change through their vast resources and global scale. His ideas about outsourcing were interesting to me, in that he implies that if you are looking at things on a global scale, nothing is being moved "out" of anything.

I haven't read the book to go along with Massive Change, but I will say that what I've read recently about his work has definitely piqued my interest. I doubt I'll make it up to Canada to catch the exhibit, but hopefully it will swing through DC some time soon.

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