Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Interactive Animation

Thanks to Josh Rubin, I got tipped off to Han Hoogerbrugge and his work with online interactive flash animation. Hoogerbrugge has been working with interactive flash animation since 1998, and uses the medium for all his animations now.

Hoogerbrugge's work conveys a great sense of the absurdity in everyday life - combining humor and surrealist imagery of our daily interactions. What makes his animations special is the role you play in bringing them to life. You get to play the role of "God" - often tortuing the poor character on your screen and setting into motion his experiences. You trigger his pain and pleasure with a roll of the mouse or a click of the finger - leading to him blowing up, sprouting extra heads, or kicking his smoking habit (literally).

His previous work, the
Neurotica series, is a series of 90 of these types of short interactive animations featuring himself as the main character. His new work, called HOTEL, is a longer interactive story with various short segments telling a larger narrative.

Modern Living has some of the coolest animations I've ever manipulated - I think I spent over an hour exploring all the shorts on the site. And HOTEL seems to extrapolate the design principles from Modern Living and put them into a larger cohesive context, making a bigger statement about our perverse voyeurism but also emphasizing the absurdity of daily life.

I highly recomment checking them both out. And expect more from Han in the future, as he assured me he is "busy fighting deadlines" at the moment.

Image from Neurotica Series. All Right Reserved H. Hoogerbrugge.

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