Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Kansas City Sprint Center Arena

First off - let me apologize for the infrequent updates over the past week, work had me chained to my desk. On to the design . . .

Daily Dose has an interesting write up about the final design for the Kansas City Sprint Center Arena. The downtown complex will feature a sporting arena, the National Association of Basketball Coaches'’ College Basketball Experience, and a covered park area.

DD informs us that the biggest criticism of the design had been the change from an
earlier, flashier exterior to the current appearance (pictured below). I understand why. Not that the earlier design was that impressive (reminds me of the neon Heat arena in Miami), but this new one looks like a decapitated disco ball.

Apparently the arena is an attempt to revitalize the downtown area. I agree with Dose, it takes more than throwing up a stadium to truly revitalize urban neighborhoods. However, maybe this will spur further development . . . like a municipal building shaped like a platform shoe.

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