Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Lego Brickfest 2005

Unfortunately, I wasn't in town to make it out to Arlington to visit Lego's Brickfest 2005 convention. It looks like I missed some pretty cool creations constructed entirely out of those little plastic bricks.

The convention is organized by Adult Fans of Lego and features everything from recreations of Minas Tirith from Lord of the Rings to replica battleships and abstract depictions of Jesus. Construction of these projects can take weeks, and some participants even map out their creations on computer software before erecting them. My favorites include the replica of the Taj Majal and the "BlackTron Intelligence Agency," an original creation that was part of the Moonbase Project section. Both are pictured below, and you can check out other images at Wired and on the Brickfest site.

Although the convention made apparent that there are plenty of 30 year old geeky guys who still play with Legos, I wonder if kids even mess with these anymore. I'm sure from their perspective it seems much cooler to explore 3-D Halo environments on Xbox than to construct little houses out of plastic. But I would hate to think that a new generation of kids would miss out on this imagination-inspiring toy. I wonder how many of today's architects had the seed of their visions planted from making towers with Legos or even using those old Lincoln Logs.

Speaking of which, when are they going to release a "Sim Architect" - in which you design and build houses for clients. The best part of The Sims for me was always making the houses - and I definitely would dig a version that just focused on that and gave you a plethora of options from which to construct your masterpiece. But I digress . . .

Via Wired.

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