Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Who Loves Their Chair More Than Me?

Nobody does. That's why I think I have this I Love My Chair contest in the bag.

All you have to do is submit a photo of your chair with an explanation of why it is the best chair in your eyes. Winners will be included in a new book being published by Sense Worldwide featuring the best entries of people's favorite chairs, with the grand prize winner receiving this Herman Miller Aeron chair (which is worth more than my computer!)

If you aren't sure just how much I love my chair, read this and this and you'll get a better understanding. Or better yet, come over and I'll let you sit in it (briefly) and you can experience it for yourself. Chances are you won't want to get out of it ever again.

I will try to take a photo of my personal chair and post it. In the meantime, this is exactly what mine looks like.

Entries are due by Sept 5th, so go home, take a load off, and think why people might be interested in reading about your personal throne.

Via Josh Spear.

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