Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Shit on a Stick

Literally. Poop. Caca. Doody.

This year's D&AD Student of the Year Award went to a Chinese team for developing a Dog Poo Spray. I shit you not.

Their project detailed an interesting method of removing pet feces that involves freezing the excrement on a stick using liquid nitrogen, allowing you to easily grab the stick and toss it in your neighbor's lawn (or a trash can).

Seriously though, the graphic presentation they put together is pretty cool. Garrick Hamm, Creative Director of Williams Murray Hamm and D&AD Education Chairman, commented, "Not only was this a clever, environmentally useful idea but it was extremely well thought through and the execution was slicker than an Italian racing driver. If these creatives haven’t got jobs by the end of the summer, please send me an email…but I have a funny feeling they will be busy."

However, their idea seems eerily similar to that of Jack Black's character in the film Envy, "the most underrated comedy of our generation" according to film critic Clay Dunn. Might there be a lawsuit pending from the makers of Vapoorizer? Stay tuned.

And if you only read this story because you have an unexplainable interest in scatology - check this website for endless hours of amusement. Seriously, do it right now. It's hysterical.

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  • For the record, neither I nor any of my acquaintances have ever seen Envy.

    By Anonymous clay, at 3:10 PM  

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