Monday, August 01, 2005

Animated Architecture

A Daily Dose has two interesting posts about architecture appearing in popular culture over the weekend, in the form of animation and illustration.

First up was a re-run of a guest spot for Frank Gehry on The Simpsons in which he designs a building for Springfield only to have it fall into decline. There are a ton of screencaps from the episode
here. My favorite touches are the heckling from the skateboarder heckling Gehry for his penchant for curvature and how Gehry's inspiration for the project comes from him crumpling up Marge's letter asking for his services.

"Hey, Frank Gehry. Design curvilinear forms much?"

In another humorous touch, they end up constructing the building
by erecting a normal frame and then bashing it in to form the curves.

There was also an article in the NY Times this weekend (which somehow I am receiving at my door for free at my new apartment. BONUS!) all about a comic book that draws architectural inspiration from unbuilt Manhattan masterpieces. The book, The Manhattan Guardian, takes place in Cinderella City, an alternate, imagined New York that features the unrealized buildings of architects like Frank Lloyd Wright and Antonio Gaudi. The comic's creator describes his motivation for altering the NYC cityscape, "I want it to be a more exalted New York, where things that were dreamed of were finally brought into reality." I've never read the comic, but the article is interesting. Read more here.

Frank Lloyd Wright's plan for Ellis Island as featured in the comic.

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