Wednesday, July 27, 2005


In response to an MSNBC report that card-playing bots may be fleecing people on online poker sites, Future Feeder posits an interesting idea:

"Online poker sites have two choices: fight the bots or embrace them. And why wouldn’t they embrace them? Poker bots still pay the rake for each pot, so the online casino continue to flourish. Who knows? Online poker may turn into a virtual battlefield for AI."

While I don't think most players would be thrilled knowing they lost their money to a computer program, the idea of a poker tournament between various Artificial Intelligence programs would be interesting. As someone points out in the MSNBC article, programming a computer to play poker is much more complicated than chess - as it involves complex logic and reason (such as bluffing) that would test the boundaries of many AI programs. The article mentions an advanced program called Vex-bot that can consistently beat human opponents, but currently it is only capable of playing two-player games.

And while online casinos claim to be cracking down on poker bots, it is debatable how successful or committed they actually are in their efforts.

So if you needed another reason to think twice about gambling on online poker sites, just rememebr it could be C3PO kicking your ass from across the internet!

"I'll raise you $300 R2! Put your money where
your hologram projector is"

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