Friday, July 22, 2005

The Gift of Moving

What great timing. I'm moving to a new apartment this weekend (if you want to volunteer to help haul our crap, please let me know. I'll pay bribe you in whatever form you like, be it beer, lapdances, or Hooters wings).

Well today Cool Hunting is featuring just the type of moving gift that I know not a single person I know will be buying me to welcome me to my new diggs.

Elsewares offers this toolbox by Dina Bean that includes everything you need to make your arrival in your new place special - including champagne, cookies, cheese and crackers, an issue of Dwell, some tools (hammer, screwdriver, tape measure), a flashlight, and an extension cord. It's all packed into a tidy red metal toolbox, and if you bless a friend with it, they'll know you care because it runs about $120.

Seriously though, thanks in advance to all my friends that will be helping me out this weekend. Helping someone move is like getting a prostate exam - it's uncomfortable and potentially painful, but you know it's the right thing to do. You guys are the best - and I don't need no stinking toolbox to know that.

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  • I hope you're making Andrew help you. I'd even come down the hill to help you out, but I'm being forced to visit some of my wife's relatives. I'm kind of upset cause I really wanted to get that lap dance while drinking a beer at hooters.

    By Blogger afsdfsdsa, at 3:38 PM  

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