Monday, July 18, 2005

The Coolest Keys

Any computer nerd or carpal-tunnelled gamer will definitely want an Optimus keyboard for Christmas.

Instead of your typical QWERTY keyboard, the Optimus from the Art Lebdev Studio features keys that light up with function-specific color icons based on the application you are using. So if you are playing Quake, the shift key lights up to say "Run/Walk" instead of Shift. This isn't just for gamers though, as Photoshop functions like Zoom and Crop would be just one key away for a graphic designer - without the clutter of still having the QWERTY keys displayed. It's also great for multiple languages - as the Optimus could easily switch between layouts for different languages. There are also shortcut keys that you can program to run applications - with cool logos to match.

Quake key layout (top) and the purty color application shortcut keys (bottom)

An invention like this seems long overdue, but that probably means it was cost prohibitive up until now. The Optimus is not yet available for sale - but I'm sure it won't be too far off, although you'll likely have to throw down considerable cheddar to own the coolest keyboard on the block.

Via Cool Hunting and Core 77

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