Monday, August 08, 2005

Photoshop Reality

Ever since I've been receiving the NY Times Sunday edition for free at my new apartment courtesy of a lazy former tenant who obviously didn't cancel his subscription - I've been extremely impressed with the number of interesting features in the Arts and Magazine sections.

This weekend was no exception, when the NY Times showcased the inventive and unique Photoshopped art of Micah Ganske. Ganske utilizes Photoshop to create first person images that truly capture his perspective in his daily life. He manages to make the camera disappear in his work by stitching together separate images - like the photo of him shaving below.

Not only is Ganske's work an eye-catching, modern digital interpretation of Trompe L'oeil, it also captures the notion that art can represent the experience of daily life. This work might also be a sign of the next generation of digital reality to come - a true first person digital experience.

Well the NY Times didn't just marvel at the work and wonder "How'd he do that?" They went one step further and allowed Ganske to explain the process he uses step by step. Check out the slideshow of the evolution of the image above right here.

Check out more of Ganske's work at Adobe's site, as he won this year's Adobe Design Acheivment Award.

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