Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Scarred Earth

BLDGBLOG has linked to some great photos by Edward Burtynsky from an exhibition he has at Stanford.

The exhibition features Burtynsky's look at scenes of manufactured beauty, from mines to oil refineries to shipbreaking beaches. He makes dramatic scenery out of places that are often overlooked, and that represent the worst about the exploitive human relationship with nature. His work emits a mesmerizing beauty that is discomfiting when you consider its source - but stunning nevertheless. Beautiful photographs that will hopefully make viewers at least contemplate the physical effects human society engenders on the natural world.

One of my favorites is below in thumbnail form, but check out all the photos in their full glory right here. And head over to Burtynsky's own site for a host of other images. I really dig some of the oil field images of gleaming new pipes running through absolutely pristine landscapes (like the one pictured below). There is a lot of the attitudes of modern society captured in these images.

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