Wednesday, August 17, 2005


The online mapping game just got a whole lot more REAL.

A9 just threw down the gauntlet to Google Maps.

Not only does A9 offer a similar (though slower) scrolling map function as Google Maps, but it also displays an overview map to help you keep track of where you are when you are zoomed in.

But the real kicker is that it offers "Block View Images" - actual street level-view images of the streets in most major cities. As in, you can literally see what you would as you walked along the street, on both sides! I poop on you not. I just tested it out with my crib, and sure enough you can see my building just as if you were cruising by on the sidewalk.

A9 even brought me right to the front gates of Gtown University . . .

While A9 doesn't seem to offer a totally seamless interactive experience, the Block View has definitely revolutionized the game. Test it out for yourself, and be amazed!

Thanks to Josh Spear.

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