Thursday, August 18, 2005

American Architecture Awards

When it comes down to it, PRADE's interest in architecture stems from the fact that I just really like to look at pictures of cool buildings.

So obviously, when I saw that the 2005 American Architecture Awards winners were all posted on the AAA site, I had to share them with my fellow architecture and design enthusiasts.

Included in this year's winners are the Dwell Home . . .

. . . one of the coolest churches ever . . .

. . . a ridiculously dope NY rooftop loft . . .

. . . and a gorgeously landscaped and exterior lit Picasso Museum in Malaga.

Unfortunately, the official site has only one image of each project. Which is why sites like A Daily Dose and Land + Living are great for getting a better look at these interesting projects. Other winners I recommend checking out are the South Mountain Community College Performing Arts Center, the 222 Residence, and the Sun Valley Residence.

(If you are a Dwell and Metropolis reader, some of these projects will already be familiar to you)

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