Tuesday, August 23, 2005


A pair of artists known as The User have converted an abandoned 1950's grain silo into a unique musical instrument called the Silophone.

The User have equipped the silo with microphones and loudspeakers that allow people to hear a sound reverberated around the silo. The public can contribute their own sounds to the project via telephone or the internet - and then hear their sounds bounce around the empty space through a Real Audio stream (click the bottom left corner of the official site). There is also a physical sonic observatory located near the silo in Montreal.

Apparently there have also been original works composed especially for the Silophone. A list of these type of events is available here.

This certainly is an interesting fusion of architecture, music, and technology. The stream doesn't seem to work perfectly which is slightly frustrating, but conceptually I definitely dig the interactive concept. There is also an amazing collection of photos of the abandoned silo that are alone a good enough reason to visit the site - they can be found in the "Reservoir" section of the site.


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