Wednesday, June 01, 2005

255 Elizabeth St.

Don't bother writing down the address of the Nike iD Design Lab in New York - because you can't get in. No, it is not because they are hiding armies of sweatshop laborers behind the frosted glass storefront - it is because the Design Lab is open by appointment only, and you have to be invited to make an appointment.

Despite the fact that I only owned Nike sneakers for about 8 straight years of my life (I have since diversified), I have yet to receive my golden ticket to Phil Knight's Nike iD Factory. But Josh Rubin did - and he tells all about it on his site.

You can tell that Nike knows when to keep it on the "exclusive" tip - because
bloggers everywhere seem to be linking to Rubin's feature allowing an organic media frenzy to ensue. But the NY Times also published an article that spread the word to the mainstream. The illusion of mass produced originality is certainly powerful. But I'm not going to front - I would love to be invited to craft some custom kicks at the store. Email me Nike!

I promise this will be my
last Nike post in a while - as PRADE is almost becoming an unpaid Nike sponsored blog with all the recent coverage. So let me squeeze in one more tidbit - go check out this Nike Lab site. Some dope interactive environments, a very cutting-edge way to relay product information if you ask me.

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