Friday, May 27, 2005

People Like to Argue

The NY Times has a great article trying to lay groundrules so that computer geeks can actually have meaningful discussion of the differences between Mac and Windows operating systems.

Most tech heads have a strong opinion on the subject one way or the other - and often ignore all of the rules that David Pogue lays out. But it would definitely be a more interesting and productive debate if people followed some of these guidelines.

But I have a feeling it is like the greatest MC of all time debate - it will continue indefinitely with neither side ever listening to the other. Biggie vs. Pac, Nature vs. Nurture, Evolution vs. Creation, Cats vs. Dogs, or Mac vs. Windows. People are just stubborn and irrational - and rarely interested in hearing someone else's opinion or detaching their feelings from their point of view long enough to have a debate based on reason and logic instead of emotion and ignorance.


This morning's pessimism brought to you via Life Hacker.

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