Thursday, May 26, 2005


MoMA's landscape design showcase, Groundswell, hits the web in a digital form - with photos and information on all 23 featured projects, including in-depth explorations of six feature projects.

The exhibition was broken into three themes -
Designing the Urban Stage, Simulations of Nature and New Topographies, and The Bad and the Beautiful. It is interesting and eye opening to see the care and thought that goes into the design of many of these public spaces, redefining what many people might think of when they see the term "landscape design."

I particularly enjoyed the transformation of the abandoned steelwork plant in Duisburg, Germany. The new park on the site embraces the contrast between industry and nature, using the obsolete infrastructure of the plant as dramatic landscape features. The result is a series of gardens, plazas and recreational areas that make the blast furnace and steel catwalks of the plant seem like archeological artifacts of a previous industrial society that abandoned the site long ago. One ore bunker was even reimagined as a recreational climbing wall.

Check out the exhibit

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