Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Wired on Firefox Viral Videos

First of all - the latest issue of Wired is fantastic. I haven't been able to put it down since I got it yesterday. Some really interesting articles covering film, green technology, gaming, and stem cell research. All of these fascinating articles are available online, with the rest of the magazine's content debuting on the site in increments in the next few weeks. Look for the Olympic bid coverage for a great comparison of the 5 competing bids for the 2012 Olympics.

That being said,
Wired is reporting on a new evangelical marketing effort from Firefox devotees - online videos. Firefox has largely grown based on word of mouth and grassroots organized marketing - and transferring that strategy to video content seems to be resonating well with online users. Thousands of users have already downloaded the videos and passed them along, with this one being one of the most popular home grown ads.

As a Firefox user - I can say that it definitely kicks tail. It seems like Microsoft is already planning on appropriating some of its advantages in their next release, but if the cult of Firefox persists - it may secure its role as a legitimate alternative to Internet Explorer.

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