Friday, May 20, 2005

PRADE Loves Primates

In case you hadn't noticed by now, PRADE loves primates of all kinds. So I'll find any excuse to write about our opposable thumbed brothers and sisters.

One World Projects is a company specializing in marketing renewable rain forest products in order to create economic opportunities for local communities that are sustainable and do not damage the precious biodiversity of these regions. The plushed stuff monkeys they offer on their site are both cuddly and socially conscious.

Created by FundaciĆ³n Ecolombia, a Colombian organization dedicated to rehabilitating and re-releasing confiscated wildlife seized from illegal trafficking, the monkeys are part of Ecolombia's plan to create economic alternatives to poaching and trafficking for local communities. Ecolombia hopes to educate local populations about the importance of protecting Colombia's natural resources, including its many species of New World monkeys. The plush toys represent the variety of species that the organization will recover from traffickers in order to introduce back into the wild.

The plushees make great gifts - as they benefit more than just the recipient while demonstrating your interest in conservation and social justice. They also show people what a Cotton Top Tamarin Monkey looks like.

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