Wednesday, May 18, 2005

International Genographic

My girlfriend passed along a very interesting link today to The Genographic Project, a collaboration between the National Geographic Society, IBM, geneticist Spencer Wells, and the Waitt Family Foundation, aimed at mapping the evolution of the human species using DNA data.

The 5 year effort hopes to collect data from indigenous people around the globe in an effort to trace the migrations of our ancestors through the imprint they left on human DNA. For $99 you can contribute to the research - both financially and genetically. Your kit includes materials to submit your DNA to the mapping effort, revealing the genetic and physical travels of your ancestors.

The website features an informative, though somewhat confusing, interactive map and timeline revealing the movements of ancestors that have been studied so far. The Genographic Project is already debunking old theories and providing new evidence of the movements of homo sapiens and their predecessors.

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