Monday, May 16, 2005

Remix the Classics

Penguin - the publisher of all those classic novels you had to read in high school - is hosting a very promising contest called Penguin Remixed. They have made audio recordings of thirty of their classics available to be used as samples in audio tracks. Contestants upload the music they produced using those samples - and visitors listen to and rate the various tracks. The 10 winners will have their music published in a Penguin digital audiobook that will be available on the UK sites for Audible and iTunes. Other prizes include the entire Penguin library, MP3 players and subscriptions to Audible.

You must create or have permission to use all the loops, beats and samples on your track - and your choice of Penguin samples ranges from Alice in Wonderland to Moby Dick to The Ugly Duckling.

So far, the tracks are interesting, but not earth shattering. However, I can only imagine what a talented producer could do with these classic words and voices. So spread the word, and keep checking in to vote for your favorite tracks. Winners will be announced at the end of July.


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