Thursday, May 12, 2005

Nike iD Takes Times Square

Apparently the NY Post featured an article about Nike iD at the beginning of the month. Nike iD is an online sneaker customization feature that Nike offers on certain shoe models that lets consumers choose color combinations and even add embroidered words to the shoes they purchase.

While I missed that piece, I did catch HYPEBEAST's coverage of the Nike iD Times Square promotion - which features a giant screen displaying Nike's customized by users via their cell phones.

While I find Nike iD's customization somewhat limiting (I still haven't been able to create any pair of kicks in my desired Brazil colorway!), I love the idea of the interactive display. Nike seems to be seizing on a growing trend in which companies are looking for interactive marketing opportunities. I remember reading about Arcade months ago - an interactive light installation that lets users play Tetris and other games on the facade of a building - all controlled by their mobile phones.

I knew it was only a matter of time before companies utilized similar technologies - and Nike iD is a great fit considering it is based on users customizing their own product. I haven't been to Times Square recently to check it out - so if anyone snaps some pictures of their own creation gracing the 22 story digital screen - send them my way.

There is also coverage of the story on Sherry Palmer's blog, focusing on how Nike intelligently made the interactive display free for users.

P.S. Don't think Nike is completely interested in consumer freedom though. They reserve the right to reject any words submitted for placement on the shoe. So "Reebok" or "Sweatshop" probably won't make the cut - although maybe you can get away with "Overpriced"

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