Monday, May 02, 2005

London Guide

Every traveler is probably familiar with guide books such as Lonely Planet, Let's Go (Harvard elitists!) and Moon Handbook (who publishes the most entertaining Costa Rica guide I've found!)

Having a good guide book can be instrumental to getting what you want out of your vacation - from finding cheap and clean accommodations to discovering a hidden waterfall or secluded beach. But what happens when you are just hitting a city for a few days and just want some help finding your way around? No one wants to be forced to whip out that bulky guide book just to find out where the closest tube stop is.

Well, I suggest you pick up an Insideout Guide - a compact booklet featuring fold-out maps, names and addresses of stores, restaurants, and attractions, and even a compass and pen for navigating the cities of the world. In addition to purchasing one for my directionally challenged brother, I also scooped one up for my two day excursion in London this week on my way across the pond to visit family in the Channel Islands. (More on this tomorrow)

On a side note - I've been researching the best sneaker shops in London for me to drag my girlfriend to in between the antique markets and flower shops she'll inevitably want to go to (just kidding baby!). I found a few good resources here and here. So far on my list are:
  • Foot Patrol
  • My Trainers
  • Offspring
  • Oki-Ni
  • The Hideout
Have a suggestion of a spot to add? Let me know. I doubt I'll make it to all of these, but I'll be sure to post some store reviews when I get back.

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