Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Spy on Rich People

A group known as Heavy Trash has placed large viewing platforms around Los Angeles area gated communities to encourage people to peer over the walls of these secluded residential areas in Brentwood Circle, Park La Brea and Laughlin Park. The goal of the project is to raise awareness of the growing popularity of gated communities (although, growing up in Florida, I can tell you that these have BEEN popular for a while!)

Taking their inspiration from historic viewing platforms at the Berlin Wall, the group of anonymous architects, designers and urban planners want to illustrate that the walls of these gated communities are not the answer for home owners seeking safety and security. According to their online statement:

"When public services and even local government are privatized, when the community of responsibility stops at the gates, the function and the very idea of democracy are threatened. Gates and barricades that separate people from one another also reduce people's potential to understand one another and commit to any common or collective purpose."

Read more about their beef with walls here, and commence covert surveilance activities.

Via Archinect.

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