Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I Dream of Roof Gardens

Not only do I long to live in San Francisco, but I also daydream about reading the newspaper and having my morning coffee on a roofdeck like those designed by Urban Roof Gardens, a London based firm dedicated to designing . . . you guessed it, roof gardens (and green roofs).

Not only does the firm design roofs, but they also "raise awareness of the benefits of urban roof gardens, terraces and green roofs." I can't express how much I value outdoor green spaces in a city - from small parks to terraces and roof decks. It makes such a psychological impact - relieving stress and re-connecting you with nature despite your urban surroundings. And it is good for the environment in a variety of ways - so it is a win win.

I've seen an increasing number of green roof projects recently, and hoepfully this is a trend that is gaining momentum. The more green in the city, the better in my view.

So now my California dreaming will involve me reclining on a roof deck much like this one below, from Cochran Landscape Architecture. You can see more from the firm here.

Via Land + Living

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