Thursday, April 28, 2005

Designer Pre Fab

Deutsche Welle has a great article looking at the German pre fab housing scene, covering the opportunities and obstacles pre fab faces in Germany's conservative building culture.

Despite the appeal of being able to buy a designer home right "off the rack," pre fab housing faces a German prejudice against wood framed houses as opposed to traditional massivbau ( stone and cinderblock construction). Other obstacles to widespread pre fab housing in Germany include conservative building codes and buyers who are unaware of the advantages and options available with modern pre fab housing.

The article also claims that only 13% of new homes are pre-fabricated in stoic Germany, compared to 70-90% of new housing in Scandinavia and a third of new Austrian homes.

Particularly interesting are the designer pre fab houses featured in the article from marquee names like Frank Gehry (of Guggenheim Bilbao fame). These star architects are helping to improve the image of pre fab in the eyes of design concious consumers, bringing pedigree names to the pre fab housing game.

Included are Gehry's "Court Yard House" , Viennese architect Peichl's "Piechl-Haus", and former Swatch designer Matteo Thun's "o sole mio."

Court yard House


o sole mio (my favorite of the three)

Via Treehugger.

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