Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Parson's D + T

Parson's Design and Technology Program is currently hosting its Thesis Exhibition in New York. The projects I've read about so far demonstrate the program's focus on innovative design that harnesses emerging technologies.

The program sounds amazing, and it is definitely something that might lure me back to graduate school one day.
For masters students of the D+T program, "the process of problem solving is at the core of their investigation. The dialogue pushes beyond the visual; design is seen as a mechanism for developing strategy, knowledge organization, business structure, and social consciousness. It provides fertile ground for investigation of the aesthetic and intellectual challenges created by technology."

I'll let the work speak for itself - although the interactive voodoo torture device gets a special shout out.

For a look at some of the projects featured in this year's exhibition, "DT Saved My Soul," check out Josh Rubin and Wired. Or go check it out for yourself if you are in the NYC area - details below.

Design + Technology

Annual Thesis Exhibition

May 26 - June 10

Aronson Galleries

66 Fifth Avenue
and 2 West 13th St.
Mon-Fri 9-9, Sat-Sun 9-6

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