Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Tired of Living in the Basement

Spain's government is considering jumping on the pre fab bandwagon to help solve the current national housing crunch.

Spaniards are way more likely to live at home with their folks, even well into their 30's, due to a combination of high unemployment, low starting salaries, and escalating housing costs. An AP article claims that 93% of Spaniards aged 18-25 are still living with mom and pops.

So now the government is looking into purchasing pre fab, stackable housing modules that consist of 270 - 320 square feet units that include private bathrooms and kitchens and shared laundry and storage facilities. If the housing solution proves feasible, we might see one of the largest-scale modular housing projects to date.

AP Photo, Fernando Bague

While the image featured in the article fails to "wow" me, it is exciting to see a government interested in the opportunities pre fab housing presents for efficient, affordable and practical housing.

See more of PRADE's pre fab coverage here and here.

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