Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Do-It-Yourself Mr. T

Ever thought that Mr. T would make a great doll for your kids/nephews/neices/brothers/sisters to play with? Of course you have. The T stands for Truth - because that's what Mr. T shares with all the boys and girls.

Well Mike Essl and Greg Riviera, co-owners of the baddest Mr. T collection around, are hosting a design your own Mr. T doll contest for dolls to be featured in an upcoming show entitled “I Pity the Dolls!: Contemporary Artists Create Homemade Mr.T Dolls.”

The show features Greg's collection of homemade Mr. T dolls that are made by customizing a 1984 pattern from a company called “Miss Martha Originals” that essentially allowed people to fabricate their own Cabbage Patch Kid-style dolls. Everything else is up to you - from the doll's skin tone to clothes to mohawk style.

If you need inspiration for your design, I suggest you take some advice from Mr. T and Treat Your Mother Right. I pity the fool that ever talks about Mr. T's mama.

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