Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Ultimate iPod Accessory

Now, as much as I am a Mac enthusiast, and love my iPod - I definitely think that the ubiquitous iPod accessory craze might be getting our of hand. For all those people buying fancy speaker set-ups for your iPod, a $2 cable from RadioShak that hooks your pod to your existing stereo would probably be a lot easier.

However, if you want to go all out with your iPod set up - then the Concertino is for you. Sporting a great exterior design, and utilizing proven old school technology - the Concertino is the ultimate iPod home accessory. The unit comes with a tube-based audio amplifier and a set of full range, compact speakers. The site for the product claims, "nothing compares to the unique and charming spectrum of tone colours of a tube based audio equipment." While I'm sure stereo geeks could banter for days about the ins and outs of transistor vs. tube technology - I really dig this combination of vintage and modern technologies and the emphasis on the 'life' of your sound.

Of course, no way I'm dropping 3,600 Euros on some speakers, but if I did, these would be first on my list.

Via Design Sponge.

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