Wednesday, March 30, 2005

South Capitol Transformation

Looks like the National Capital Planning Commission has some big plans for developing the South Capitol Street area of DC, including turning South Capitol St into a "grand urban boulevard" with tons of park space and areas for memorials and museums . . . and of course that proposed stadium that you've heard about. One of my favorite aspects of the DC cityscape are the wide streets with the small urban park areas dotting most corners, along with the wide open public spaces around the Mall adn riverfront. Now, of course this proposed open space for "public gathers, commerative work, civic art and landscaping" is a nice way to sell people on the extensive commercial areas involved in the plan (all referred to subtly as "mixed use" zones "integrated with retail and restaurant elements" and "residential dwellings")- but I love the idea of reserving some of the prime riverfront land for public use while protecting the line of sight views of the Capitol that awes the tourists so. And another museum or cultural site of "architectual significance" will rarely be criticized by PRADE.

I do question whether the traffic patterns will be as effective and non-intrusive as claimed, but I have little expertise in that area (full time pedestrian and all).

You can read all about the proposal and see some of the plans here.

Via Beyond Brilliance.

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