Tuesday, April 12, 2005


By now, many of you have probably seen the incredibly imaginative and cool Spike Jonze spot for the new Adidas_1.

And you might have read something about this hi-tech running shoe that features a small processor and an on-board motor to continually adjust the cushioning level of the shoe as you run.

But until Josh Rubin's review of the sneaker, I hadn't heard from anyone who had actually tried the shoe out.

Josh seems to dig the shoe and claims that despite all the technology, the best part about the shoe is just that it feels comfortable. The price point is still too high for me, as I am not a die hard runner by any means - but I'm sure eventually the price might come down on this technology. Will this lead to basketball shoes that actually help cushion your landing by sensing when you leave the ground? Or just ugly and pointless rip offs, a la the Pump sensation. We'll have to wait and see - although Josh claims that more colorways and a women's version are on the way from Adidas.

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  • I have to give these things a try. I wonder if they have them to try on in Georgetown?

    By Blogger Andrew, at 1:37 PM  

  • I just snagged a pair of these off eBay for my 11 year old son. I'm going to spring then on him in July (for his birthday). He wears a size 7 and the smallest I could find was a 7.5 so I actually had him go try on a 7.5 adidas shoe at footlocker just to make sure it would be ok. He must've thought old dad lost his mind when he said "yeah dad, these are a great fit" and I replied "good" then put them back on the shelf and we drove home! I have to admit envy but hey - that's what it's all about: making sure your kids get all the shizzle you wish you had as a child...

    By Blogger topper24hours, at 3:58 PM  

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