Friday, April 08, 2005

10 x 10 Part 2

If anyone has ever browsed Phaidon's 10 x 10, I highly recommend buying it (or just grabbing it next time you are in Barnes and Noble and go sit in the coffee shop and look at the whole thing. Not that I do that . . . )

Well, Phaidon has just released the next installment 10 x 10_2, featuring 100 emerging leaders in architecture curated by 10 architectual "critics." For me though, the 1500 images are the most exciting aspect of the book - some of which you can get a taste of on the official site here.

If anyone wants to be particularly generous, my birthday IS approaching (in 4 months)

The book is available for $60 US on Phaidon's site and likely much cheaper on Amazon.

Via Archidose

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