Thursday, September 15, 2005

Bombs Over Iceland

BLDBLOG has posted about one of the most interesting yet mildly disturbing environmental projects I've ever heard of - Soil Bombing.

Apparently, Iceland is trying to reverse the desertification of its barren areas by replanting it with seeds of carefully chosen plant species mixed with fertilizers selected specifically for the climate. However, their method of delivery those seeds and soil is via bomb squadron.

Yes, Iceland is currently at war with itself, so to speak. They are dropping "bombs" filled with seeds and fertilizer from a WWII DC 3 Dakota, targeting the formerly green areas of the country that have been felled and overgrazed over the centuries. The bomb sites will presumably be transformed from black sand to vibrant green foliage - returning the largest desert in Europe to its formerly green self.

Will this be a rallying cause for pacifist treehuggers everywhere? What better way to combine environmental advocacy and disarmament policy then to assign all our planes to gardening missions? Seriously though, Iceland's dedication to reversing the environmental impact its society has had on the surrounding habitat is admirable and inspirational.

Read more at the BBC and you can hear about the story via podcast right here.

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