Friday, September 09, 2005

Power Generating Backpack

While some treehuggers drooled over the solar powered bags that have hit the market recently, this latest invention should really send them into a gronola snorting frenzy.

Biologist Lawrence Rome has developed a backpack that uses the up and down motion of the wearer's strides to generate up to 7 watts of electricity. So on your hike up the mountain to sing politically correct folk songs by the fire and drink organic rum and green tea cola from your Nalgene, you can create enough power to charge your cell phone or GPS device.

But beyond the power generating possibilities of the pack, Rome's suspended mechanism actually cusions the weight of the pack and makes the load more comfortable to wear according to early users. So not only does it harness what would otherwise be wasted energy, it also improves on the basic design of a pack by adding shock absorbing comfort.

For more on the pack check out National Geographic News.

Via Treehugger and Future Feeder.

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