Friday, September 09, 2005

Da Backlash

The hip hop community is not laying down when it comes to responding to the government response to Hurricane Katrina.

Two new tracks are heating up the blogsphere right now. K-Otix adapted Kanye's hit Gold Digger inspired by a quote from Mr. West himself. Lyrics include:

"He said 'I know it looks bad, just have to wait'
Forgetting folks are too broke to evacuate
Niggas starving and they dyin of thirst,
I bet he had to go check on the refineries first.
Making a killing of the price of gas
He would have been up in Connecticut twice as fast."

Listen to "George Bush Don't Like Black People" here.

And Mos Def also jumps into the game, bringing lyrical heat with a version of the Nolia Clap called the Katrina Clap. Rhymes include:

"It's dollar day in New Orleans
there's water everywhere and people dead in the streets,
and Mr. President he bout that cash,
he's got a policy for handling the niggas and trash.
And if you poor, you black
I laugh a laugh they won't be givin you ass
you're better off on crack,
dead or in jail or with a gun in Iraq"


"Where the fuck is Sir Bono and his famous friends now?
Don’t get it twisted man, I dig U2
but if you ain’t about the ghetto then fuck you too."

Listen to "Dollar Day for New Orleans . . . Katrina Clap" here.

Regardless of your political stance - it is refreshing to see that people are not emracing the apathy that plagued the country in response to the war in Iraq. These musicians are taking a stance - love it or leave it, at least they are being vocal. And this seems more appropriate then airing your own politics out on a relief show.

It seems it is much harder to silence the outrage of people when you can't just call them a terrorist or label them as unpatriotic. Dissent is the most important part of democracy - and I am glad that these artists are expressing themselves and putting these viewpoints out there.

Via Soul Sides and Catch Dubs.

Ok - no more preaching, I promise.

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