Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Open Source TV?

A.R.R.T. has a great post about a new show on PBS called Nerd TV. While the show sounds fairly interesting on its own (essentially interviews with nerd celebrities like the first Mac programmer), it is the program's attitude towards its content distribution that is interesting. In addition to a traditional tv broadcast, the show encourages viewers to download the content and edit it and share it as they see fit. From the official website:

NerdTV is distributed under a Creative Commons license so viewers can legally share the shows with their friends and even edit their own versions. If not THE future of television, NerdTV represents A future of television for niche audiences that have deep interest in certain topics.

The website offers each show in multiple audio and video formats for download, or you can read the provided transcript. Will this type of "open source" content become the wave of the future for special interest programming of this sort? Only time will tell, but it is apparent that media companies will need to think of new ways to package their programming as technology advances and their old models of 30 minute sitcoms with commercials becomes outdated.

But you can also turn in to Nerd TV for geek humor, like when the host claims he is worried about flying on commercial airlines because the cabin pressure is run by Windows! Lol! Pwn3d!!11!!

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