Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Dwell Dwellings

Dwell magazine has always been a supporter of pre-fab design, but now they are putting their money where their mouth is.

Dwell has just launched a line of modern pre-fab houses in conjunction with Empyrean International LLC (formerly Deck House), Resolution: 4 Architecture, and Lazor Office. The collection of custom prefabricated homes will be sold under the banner The Dwell Homes by Empyrean.

Three initial designs will be offered, including the Resolution 4's winning design from the 2003 Dwell Home Design competition. Prices will vary based on specifics of local labor and site-specific costs, but the average cost of a 2,500 square foot Dwell Home is estimated to range between $175-$250 per square foot.

This seems like a bold move on behalf of the magazine, but I guess they were sick of writing about how the advantages of pre-fab housing were not being realized. Their commitment to the promotion of pre-fab housing can definitely no longer be questioned - now it only remains to be seen whether this alternative housing paradigm will resonate with today's buyers.

Via Inhabitat.

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