Monday, July 11, 2005


There is a new addition to the National Zoo - a baby giant panda that is no bigger than a stick of butter. Panda's are extremely difficult to breed in captivity, so apparently this little guy isn't out of the woods yet. The previous set of pandas at the zoo conceived five times, but all five cubs died within a month.

The public wouldn't see the new guy on display until after about 3 months, which is apparently a good thing as the little bamboo binger isn't a looker at this stage.

"Cute is not a word I would use in describing it. It's somewhat bald, eyes are closed, kind of pink and it wiggles around a little bit. It's this tiny, tiny thing."

Read more about the Panda cub here. And learn more about the Giant Panda in general because it is an interesting species. Did you know that because the Giant Panda is related to the bear family (Ursidae family) it is not physically designed to digest its mostly herbaceous diet, and must therefore eat up to 40 pounds of bamboo a day to extract enough nutrients to live?

In several weeks, the cub will only be this ugly

Via Wonkette.

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