Thursday, July 07, 2005

Nets Stadium Showdown

It looks like a real estate conflict may be brewing in Brooklyn. A plan from developer Bruce Ratner and architect Frank Gehry to develop a site in downtown Brooklyn to feature a new Nets stadium complex and a host of towering skyscrapers is running into some competition.

A rival, smaller development plan from Gary Barnett of the Extell Development Company envisions a plan for the site that is more in line with its Brooklyn surroundings. The plan, sans stadium and with no building exceeding 28 stories, is drastically different from
Gehry's 17 building behemoth.

Extell's plan will likely appeal to critics of the Ratner/Gehry vision who fear that the titanic development will displace residents and small business owners and clog traffic in the neighborhood.
With all the money and power that the Ratner/Gehry plan involves, I doubt this will present much of an obstacle. However, because the site is owned by the Metropolitan Transit Authority, things might get political very quickly.

While I am not very familiar with either proposed development, it does sound like the larger stadium/skyscraper plan would drastically change the character of downtown Brooklyn. The question is whether that would be better or not for the residents of NYC.

Gehry's plan features 17 buildings, some as high as 60 stories, with housing for
18,000 people, 1.9 million sq ft of office space, and possibly a hotel.

Via Archinect.

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