Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Japanese Innovation

Kool Is Bollocks has a great post explaining why some of the coolest laptops and other electronic devices from Japan never make it to the US market. In particular, the post looks at a tiny Toshiba laptop called the Libretto that is exclusively available in Japan (Although you can buy it over here from importer Dynamism.com)

Included is this interesting observation on Japanese vs. American consumption habits.

"The Japanese are more feature-conscious than price-conscious. Japanese consumers want the smallest, lightest, most feature-rich laptop they can proudly show off to their friends. Americans are more likely to crow about the great deal they got. Take this test. If you could get a full-featured 3-pound laptop for $1,999, how much more would you pay for a 2.5-pounder? Or to get it an inch smaller? If your eyes glazed over just thinking about that question, you are in the American majority. If your answer was closer to "anything," break out the sushi. In your soul you are more Japanese than American."

My internet price scouring habits definitely place me in the American camp. Here is the tiny computer which would likely be too small to actually use and just require tons of adapters and plug-in devices.

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