Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Required Reading

NY Times has an extremely in-depth article about Brazilian modernist Oscar Niemeyer. I'll be reading this on the metro ride home, but I already checked out the slideshow on the Times site that features some of Niemeyer's iconic works.

I am not familiar with his work, but several of these structures are compeltely stunning.

If you are inflicted with a short attention span, Land + Living has some highlights from the article.

UPDATE: Read the article last night - this guy sounds fascinating. Also, there is some interesting stuff about Brasilia - the capital of Brasil that was essentially created out of nothing about 50 years ago. I really liked his attitude about how important it is for an architect to dream big - even if some of those dreams might not pan out in reality. He also appears to be very into the female form - and who doesn't love dirty old men?

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