Thursday, June 23, 2005

Breath of Fresh Air

A new audioblog has launched, offering insight into all genres of Black music. Every week breath of life will feature three songs, a classic, a contemporary and a cover.

The site has a fantastic layout that is clear and easy on the eyes - but what impresses me so far is the ecelctic track selection and the depth of the commentary on each track. These heads know their stuff, but their conversational tone makes their writing informative without being overly didactic.

For example, on Digable Planets' second album, they had this to say:
"Lyrically, Blowout Comb may have offended (or more likely, confused) the Planets’ then-sizable pop audience. Most hipsters who grooved along to Rebirth Of Slick and Nickel Bags have no idea who Geronimo Pratt, George Jackson, Mark Essex or Leonard Peltier are, let alone why the Planets insist on mentioning their names in every other tune. Then again, it’s possible to dig Blowout without understanding a single word of English. In the tradition of Bob Marley’s Kaya, Miles Davis’ Filles De Kilimanjaro or the entire Cesaria Evora catalog, Blowout Comb is as much a single extended mood piece as it is a collection of individual songs"

So check out the site, add it to your RSS feeds, and enjoy the ruminations of Kalamu and Mtume ya Salaam.

Via Soul-Sides.

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