Thursday, June 16, 2005

Hot Hamburg

A Daily Dose continues to bring fantastic buildings to my attention. Today the focus is on HafenCity, the redevelopment of the Hamburg Harbor, as featured by Speigel Online. The two projects that are detailed are "Living Bridge" by Hamburg star architect Hadi Teherani and the Elbe Philharmonic from the extremely popular Herzog and de Meuron.

The Living Bridge masks itself as a bridge spanning the Elbe harbor, but is designed to house apartments, offices and shops. It is a brilliant idea in my opinion, because you can't get a much better view of a river than from a bridge, and both sides of the structure would have stunning panoramic views and unfettered harbor access.

However, I was truly impressed with the Philharmonic design. Not only is the building completely eye catching from outside - re-defining the harbor cityscape in one fail swoop. But the inside is a completely innovative vision of a performance space - reinventing the Greek amphitheater with an intimate yet expansive performance space.

In both of these cases, I really hope these designs get seen to fruition, because they are fantastic examples of how to renew industrial urban waterfront property with daring but beautiful modern design

Images from Spiegel Online.

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