Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Mental Flossin'

Like many of you out there (I suspect), I get the distinct impression that I am becoming increasingly dumber since leaving college. As much as I try to continue to pursue my intellectual interests, it seems to be increasingly difficult. After a long day at work, I often just feel like unwinding, not trying to brush up on my Geography from my "Map of the Modern World" class. Yes, I do crack open books and magazines (generally about either monkeys or architecture and design), but it seems like there is just less and less time to become well versed in any subject. Thus, I feel my mental abilities waning, my brain slowly atrophying.

Well I found just the thing to revive my cognitive health. My girlfriend brought home a copy of
Mental Floss magazine last night - a magazine who's tagline is tailor made for the former intellectual. "Feel Smart Again." The magazine claims that "people love to feel smart. But no one has enough time these days to achieve that admirable goal." That's where Mental Floss comes in.

The magazine aims to present information to knowledge thirsty readers in a way that is quick and simple. That doesn't mean they dumb anything down - rather they give you the nitty gritty and let you do the mental digestion.
I really enjoyed the humor that was injected into the very concise prose - allowing you to have fun while you learn. Perfect for subway commutes or bathroom literature - Mental Floss is a create intellectual vitamin for your mental diet - supplementing your daily learning with nuggets about science, geography, philosophy, culture and history. The "10" issue I have includes articles like The 10 Most Famous Monkeys in Science, 10 Latin Phrases You Pretend to Understand and 10 Countries You Can't Spell or Locate on a Map.

I recommend it for anyone who, like me, feels their mental superpowers being slowly sapped by the kryptonite of work. For a sample of the humor and writing, you can check out the websites "Fact of the Day" and test your cranial might with their quiz library.

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