Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Kevin Smith Unfiltered

Not sure how many Kevin Smith fans there are out there. I'm sure some loved Clerks and maybe Chasing Amy but were disappointed by his recent films. Then there are probably a fair number who have never really seen a Kevin Smith movie, and probably just made fun of him for Jersey Girl anyway.

Well, one thing you can always say about the guy is that he never pretends to be a bigshot or a star - he's as down to earth as they come (including detailing his daily meals and sexual schedule with his wife in his production blogs).

Well - director turned actor Kevin Smith has been keeping a blog while he is off filming Catch & Release in Vancouver, and his post from last week about the 2 year anniversary of his father's death is not only honest and touching, but also serves as an example of the type of insightful writing that made many of you love Smith's writing in the first place.

Definitely read the eulogy Smith gave for his father - I'm sure there wasn't even one set of dry eyes when he read it.

That's about as sentimental as PRADE will likely get - we now return to our regularly scheduled cultural critique.

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