Friday, June 03, 2005

PRADE Book Club

We take a look at two books for this month's installment of the PRADE Book Club. These are not books I've read, but ones that have caught my interest and will likely be added to a list of books I will never get around to reading.

First up is Retro-Electro, a coffee table book from Rizzoli that takes a look at the electronic gizmos and gadgets that time passed by as part of the never ending process of innovation. Billed as a collector's guide to "antique" technology, the book seems more interesting as a nostalgic trip down technology memory lane with stops along the way at the Atari, the Walkman, and the tragic tale of the Betamax.

Via Cool Hunting

Also up is slightly more academic reading material - a book called Science Friction from author Michael Shermer, founder of Skeptic magazine.

The book is an eclectic mix of different Shermer essays, all aimed at touting the benefits of applying scientific thought to our daily thinking as a way to combat ignorance and unmask our personal biases. He takes on "intelligent design theory" as imaginary science and even demonstrates how easy it is too fool people when he plays "Psychic For A Day." The essays range from the personal to the theoretical, but all will help you rethink your own intellectual processes and beliefs.

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