Friday, June 03, 2005

Inner Space

Not that I've even seen this movie, but the type of scenario depicted in the movie Inner Space in which someone can explore the inside of your body might not be too far off - figuratively speaking.

Scientists at Carnegie Melon have developed a nanobot small enough to travel through your body and into your small intestines and photograph your insides as it passes through. Measuring less than 800 nanometers, the small "bugbot" can be swallowed and transmit thousands of photographs as it makes its journey through the body. The developers are also working on a six legged version that could be controlled by doctors to investigate problem areas as it scurries through your body.

Innovative? Yes. Creepy? Hell yes. Potential for conspiracy theory movie in which the government uses these to control people? Undoubtedly.

To learn more about medical nanotechnology - check out the links at this site.

Via Innovation Blog

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